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Multimillionaire Guns ‘n Roses guitarist Slash is producing a horror film and he needs your help! Specifically, he needs your money. Over at the crowdfunding site “Fanbacked” (which is a new one on me) Slash has set-up a page where fans can contribute money to help make the film The Hell Within which – after scouring the site for a solid 5 minutes – I have no idea how much they need.

Still, the trailer for the film looks intriguing and the film was written by Jeff Buhler who adapted the creepy Clive Barker story The Midnight Meat Train into a serviceable film. This is also Slash’s second foray into producing horror films as in 2013 he produced a film called Nothing Left to Fear which starred Anne Heche. Huh, who knew.

So if you want to help Slash make this movie, go to the site and kick in some cash. There’s cool perks like beanies, autographed scripts and even a chance to be in the film. Or you could help documentary filmmaker and genius make his new film which needs about $65,000 in a week.

Author: Don Lewis

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