Whoa dude! It’s the “American Ultra” trailer

For those who follow writer/director and spawn of John Landis, Max Landis on the olde Twitter machine, they know he can be a bag of hot air a lot of the time. OK, most of the time. I mean, the dude only has one writing credit that’s been made with 2012’s Chronicle. Yet, as longtime followers also know, that’s his point. He goes to extreme (frequently annoying) lengths to get his name out there because let’s face it, screenwriters of note are a dying breed. He’s got a bunch of projects coming up and I dig the guy. I’m excited for what he’s got coming down the pike.

First up is American Ultra which we all got to see the first trailer for today via JoBlo. After viewing said trailer, the film looks like The Manchurian Candidate meets Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure in that a low-key dude (Jesse Eisenberg) is actually a secret super soldier. So secrect, even he doesn’t know it until he’s activated by a line of gibberish from a secret service looking person. Wait, why am I telling you guys this? Just watch the trailer! Kirsten Stewart and Topher Grace are in the film as well and I think it looks fun. It’s also worth noting that it barely occured to me to mention the film is directed by Nima Nourizadeh, not Max Landis. Guess his Twitter prowess is paying off.

Also, if you have time, watch Landis’ excellent short film Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling. It’s seriously great.

Author: Don Lewis

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