Suddenly Bustin’ Makes Bill Murray Feel Good

A few weeks back, Flick Nation reported the news that Dan Aykroyd would be in Paul Feig’s all-female Ghostbusters movie. But over the weekend, news broke that the one and only Bill Murray was seen on the set which means he too will be in the movie. However…as has been much publicized for years, he’s hesitant to reprise his role as Peter Venkman. I’ve never looked at Murray as a paycheck guy but maybe the price was finally right. There’s also speculation he’ll be in the film as a totally different character.

Many have said it’s because Ghostbusters 2 was so poorly received and adding to that, Murray never dug Aykroyd’s take on a third act. I personally think those reasons are probably valid but I also have always suspected Murray was probably peeved at Aykroyd for completely stealing his schtick in the abysmal Caddyshack 2. Sure, that’s completely made up by me but watch that movie and tell me you wouldn’t be irked if you were Murray.

Author: Don Lewis

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