Joe Hill: Author, Screenwriter, Cold Case Crime Solver

Joe Hill is one of my favorite authors out there today. Movie fans may know him as the author of the book the Daniel Radcliffe film Horns was based on but the guy has yet, in my opinion, to put out a bad piece of work. His comic book series Locke and Key is simply amazing and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all of his books and short stories. He’s even knee deep as the head writer for the reboot of the horror anthology series Tales From The Darkside.

Hill is also a must-follow on Twitter as he has a nose for great horror literature as well as pop culture in general and now he can add another feather in his cap: amateur sleuth. Over on his Tumblr, Hill posits a frankly fascinating assertion involving the solving of a cold case that’s been dormant for decades. How did he do it and what does this have to do with movies and the Flick Nation? He derived a theory that the woman the cold case file is based on can be seen briefly in the movie Jaws.

Author: Don Lewis

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