New Video Essay Proves Daniel-San is a Bad Guy

I’m a sucker for the new spate of in-depth video essays about popular films. I’ll start posting more around here when they pop up. However I’m also a huge sucker for conspiracy theories, clever parody and people who take way too much time analyzing things incorrectly. This is why I love the documentary Room 237.

Today, over on SlashFilm, they made a post about a YouTube video that gives an in-depth analysis on how it is in fact Daniel who is the bully in The Karate Kid and not Johnny. This video is awesome for several reasons. One, it’s clever. Two, it’s hilarious. Three, it’s a perfect glimpse into how almost any piece of art can be taken apart and looked at from almost any angle and given enough supporting evidence, make people believe it’s true. I love stuff like this. I also love Chemtrails, shadow people and eating pop-rocks with soda.

Author: Don Lewis

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