We Know What the New Christopher Nolan Film (Won’t) Be

Look, a lot of the cool-guy blogs out there are trying to make blind guesses as to what the newly announced (set for July 21, 2017) Christopher Nolan film will be. We here at Flick Nation are going to do you one better. We’re going to name some films it certainly will NOT be. Here goes…

It won’t be a Batman movie. Nolan said he‘s done with that and Affleck has the next one as director.

It won’t be a remake of Annie because that just happened and was awful.

It won’t be Star Wars Episode 9 or 10 because those have directors.

It won’t be Green Inferno, The Visit or Crimson Peak because those are the first three movies that came into my mind when thinking about horror movies I want to see soon.

Look, I got things to do that don’t include making up crap (well, except for above) or doing “research” into every project Nolan has ever thought about doing aloud that he might be doing now. And you, Flick Nation faithful, have better things to do than listen to fools making guesses. I say we all chill out and wait till the man himself makes an announcement? Cool? Cool.





Author: Don Lewis

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