The Good Dinosaur (International Trailer)

In America, Pixar has been slowly teasing out trailers for their next film The Good Dinosaur which opens on Thanksgiving of this year. All we’ve really seen of the film thus far is some cool looking animation, giant, looming dinosaurs and a nifty logo. Well, today Pixar released a new trailer Internationally which shows the dinosaurs speaking and even gives us a look at a little caveman who apparently joins a lost dinosaur to make this a prehistoric buddy picture. Or, something.

In any case, the trailer gives us all a better look at what the film will actually be about which is nice since it opens in around 2 months. It’s odd that they premiered this trailer Internationally and it has Spanish voice-over with English speaking parts. And even though I’m excited for it because even half-assed Pixar is good Pixar, I’m a bit concerned that…

A) This is the second Pixar film in a year following Inside Out. Why not wait till 2016 and continue the “one Pixar gem a year” routine?


B) Pixar seems to get really, really great actors to portray the roles in their films. And while The Good Dinosaur features cool people like Sam Elliott, Anna Paquin, Frances McDormand, Jeffrey Wright and Steve Zahn, that’s certainly less star-studded than most Pixar films.

Fortunately we won’t have long to wait as the film is the perfect opening course to your Thanksgiving Day.

Author: Don Lewis

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