Manson Family Vacation (Trailer)

Full disclosure: I gave some cash to the Kickstarter campaign for Manson FamilyVacation. What can I say? I like the Duplass Brothers, I really like the film’s co-star Linas Phillips and I like Charley Manson. Wait, I don’t like Manson but I am intrigued by him. In fact, listen to this fantastic 12-part podcast from this past summer and you’ll be fascinated as well. But, I digress.

We have here the trailer for the forthcoming bro-buddy film Manson Family Vacation and I think it looks great. Dark, comedic, creepy. All fun stuff for a nice afternoon of evening diversion at the movies. It even has terrifying horror movie icon Tobin Bell (“Jigsaw” from the Saw franchise) munching some scenery so let’s all check it out when it hits VOD October 6. I even put the poster down below because I love you…and my friend Yen Tan designed it. More info below…

Written and directed by newcomer J. Davis, MANSON FAMILY VACATION takes two very different siblings on a road trip that tests the limits of brotherly love. From The Duplass Brothers, the film features Jay Duplass, Linas Phillips, Tobin Bell (Jigsaw from the “Saw” movies), Leonora Pitts and Davie-Blue.

A man’s comfortable life in Los Angeles is disrupted when his estranged brother comes to town to visit the infamous Manson Family murder sites. Together, the brothers journey from the Hollywood Hills to the Mojave Desert, and into the modern-day world of Charles Manson.





Author: Don Lewis

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