Listen to Sam Smith’s SPECTRE theme

For the die hard James Bond fans, there is a similar march that happens every time a new film is upon us. The title is revealed  globally through some clever means, and we are treated to bits and pieces of information from the shoot through vlogs, posters, trailers – by now, you know his name.

Invariably, we always arrive here. The world premiere of the brand new James Bond theme. How special is this day? Well, there really have only been 24. More, if you count the number of closing themes and discarded wannabees, but that’s another subject.

Earlier this month, it was revealed that crooner Sam Smith would be the latest contemporary pop artist to swing for the 007 fences. and, to his credit, it sounds like he has. “The Writing’s on the Wall” clearly references the plot of SPECTRE, and I’m sure the open credit sequence will be something worth watching more closely.

The song is already kicking up the usual internet dust from the naysayers and haters. But as with all things, time will ultimately be the judge. So, presented without opinion, we’ll let Sam take it from here. Feel free to chime in with comments.

PS: On another note, I’m assuming because the creative team felt the need to extend Bond’s origin into another goddamn film, that the person in the burned-out photo will end up being Christoph Waltz’ character Blofeld — er, I meant Oberhauser.

I unabashedly love Skyfall. But if Bond and Blofeld end up being brothers or something, we will have now entered Austin Powers territory.


Author: Dennis Willis

Dennis Willis is an award-winning producer, TV host, producer, director, editor (he preferred Avid until a torrid affair with Adobe Premiere, and the rest is history), author and film critic (print and radio). Dennis produced and hosted the TV programs Reel Life, FilmTrip, Soundwaves (1983-2008) and produces the annual Soundwaves Xmas program. He is currently the film critic on KGO Radio in San Francisco, and a member of both the San Francisco Film Critics Circle and the Broadcast Film Critics Association.

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