All I Wants a Pepsi! Just One Pepsi!

According to this report from 2011, it costs give or take 50 cents to make and manufacture one can of Coke. So they about double their profits on single cans and I’m too lazy to do the math for 6-packs and so forth. However now fans of fizzy sugar water are going to get a chance to pay just over $20.00 for a 16oz bottle all in the name of fandom.

Yes, Back to the Future II fans, on October 21 you can all help me celebrate myself and fellow Flick Nationeer Jeffrey Anderson’s birthdays by shelling out $20.15 (that is, if you can find it in a store) for “Pepsi Perfect,” a real-deal product from Pepsi that pays homage to the Pepsi Marty McFly gets in Back to the Future II. I’m guessing these will go for a cool $300 on Ebay once the limited supply of 6,500 gets sold so you should probably line up at Walmart now and help Pepsi clear upwards of $125,000 for a product tie-in.

Author: Don Lewis

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