A not so big secret in movie world is that the Asian market for blockbuster films is where the money’s at these days. I’m not sure why because that market also seems to be pretty big on movie piracy but the sheer force of millions of people must override that. Anyway..

Today a trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens dropped on YouTube and it’s a trailer made for the Japanese audiences. I know this because all the words on the page are in Japanese. But the really cool thing is, there’s a ton of new footage! ¬†I like that because it’s making me even more excited for the film and also, because I’m a jerk who gets massive¬†schadenfreude watching geek websites fall all over themselves dissecting each frame of the trailer. See, they don’t like now knowing what the new Star Wars movie is about and it’s become a personal affront to them that they actually, you know, have to see the movie before they can spout off about it online. So double your pleasure as I did by watching the trailer, December 17 can’t get here fast enough!

Author: Don Lewis

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