Captain America: Civil War (Trailer)

I’m really not the world’s biggest superhero film fan but I do have a deep love of comic books even though I kind of phased out of buying and reading them years ago. (Too expensive, we just had a baby, etc…) And right when I tuned out, all the awesomeness of the “Marvel Civil War” storylines happened. Essentially the government decided they needed to regulate superheroes and some heroes agreed (Tony Stark/Iron Man) and others didn’t (Captain America/Steve Rogers). Sides are chosen and then the superheroes of the Marvel Universe duke it out amongst themselves. It’s a cool concept and a great run of books that I’m glad I came around and got.

That trailer up top for Captain America: Civil War gives viewers a taste of what’s to come as well as a glimpse at Black Panther and some simply awesome shots of hero-on-hero beat downs. I actually watched the trailer 3 times in a row and then 5 times today. It’s THAT cool. Although I think everyone’s a bit tired of the deluge of superhero films but even so, I’m excited to check out Captain America: Civil War this May.

Author: Don Lewis

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