Batman Versus Superman: Dawn of Justice (Teaser Trailer)

From the “Office of Say What Now?” comes this very cool but very peculiar teaser trailer for Batman Versus Superman: Dawn of Justice or as it’s better known around the water cooler, That New Batman Versus Superman Movie. While this teaser is certainly cool, intriguing and a much different look at the film as opposed to the previous trailer, I’m not entirely sure what’s going on. But I have a guess.

Rumors about the storyline of Batman Versus Superman: Dawn of Justice revolve around the idea Batman is pissed that Superman pretty much destroyed 2-3 cities (depending on whether or not you consider Smallville a “city”) in Man of Steel and keen eyes spotted Bruce Wayne seeing some destruction around one of his huge Wayne Industries buildings in that first trailer. So, if these rumors are true, Batman wants Supes to put a cork in the whole destroying cities to keep the world safe routine and comes after him to shut him down.

But this trailer really looks like Superman is a bad guy. The way he has Batman tied up with some other faceless looking baddies. The way the guys guarding Batman and the other tied up guys immediately bow to Superman when he shows up. The way Superman unmasks Batman and then starts slapping him with a dead fish and yelling “Hah! Your parents are dead! Hahahahah!!” O.K., that last part I made up. But what’s really weird is that this teaser seems to be a teaser for the new trailer for Batman Versus Superman: Dawn of Justice which is premiering this Wednesday, December 2 on Jimmy Kimmel Live. So maybe that will have answers.

Author: Don Lewis

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