Batman Versus Superman: Dawn of Justice (Trailer 2)

As we talked about earlier this week, a new trailer for Batman –VS- Superman: Dawn of Justice was coming this week and right on time, it plopped Wednesday night. And the Internet comic book kingdom collapsed upon itself in a massive freak-out of negativity. I’m typically not the kind of person who either looks at other “critics” opinions before voicing my own nor am I a writer who gets caught up in Internet Bandwagon Bashing. That being said, I did catch whiffs that the trailer was pretty, pretttty bad. Having now watched it, I’m all like….wait, whaaaaaat…?

Above you’ll see the trailer I’m talking about and even the most staunch comic book movie nerd will have to be a bit perplexed. It’s a frigging weird trailer. I’m not about to pick it apart because that’s a fools game. This is a piece of promotional material that should give a taste of the film and not really be “judged” aside from how it makes one feel about the upcoming film. I will say, I’m now a little…scared? Cautious? Weirded out?

Basically, this trailer makes very little sense and looks like it was put together by a person (or persons) with no basic idea of how a trailer should work. Sure, it covers the basics of who’s in it and we see Wonder Woman in a funny moment but still. Yeeeesh. This trailer. I’m not being a jerk and I’m not joking. It’s that weird/bad. Again, I’m not going to pick it apart, you can do that on our Facebook Page. Also, let me know if I’m alone if getting a pretty bad feeling about this.

(**Note: I did kind of giggle at the Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) intro bit in the trailer)

Author: Don Lewis

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