The BFG (Trailer)

You down with BFG? Yeah, you know me! Well, now I’m down with The BFG because of this cool teaser trailer for the new Steven Spielberg adaptation of The BFG (which stands for “Big Friendly Giant,” not “Big F%$king Giant” as I erroneously thought) which hits screens this summer.

I dig the trailer even though it feels a bit derivative with hints of The Neverending Story, Harry Potter and Hugo. That being said, it’s frigging Spielberg, he doesn’t need to riff on other movies! I’m also excited because this is his return to kids films with, by my count, his last being 1991’s Hook unless you count 2011’s The Adventures of Tintin which I don’t because it was animated. Also very cool is the recently departed Melissa Matheson wrote the screenplay and she of course wrote E.T. as well as The Indian in the Cupboard and The Black Stallion. Plus The BFG is an adaptation of a Roald Dahl story! It’s gonna be great! I hope.

Author: Don Lewis

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