It’s no big secret that for the past few years, Marvel has simply owned comic book movies. They’ve literally changed cinema storytelling with their world building and one-time fellow comic book behemoth DC Comics has been eating their dust for years. And it’s not just the world building, excellent stand-alone films that tie into the larger Avengers and now Captain America films and outstanding characterizations of iconic characters. It just seems like DC doesn’t really have a firm grasp on what they’re trying to do with their movieverse.

For instance, that last Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer was just plain weird and they’ve already set the wheels in motion to have different actors portraying big screen versions of their popular TV shows. They just seem a bit lost. Hell, even the fact they just dropped that (awesome) Suicide Squad trailer you see above at 10:30 pm East Coast time on a Tuesday night with NFL playoff football all over the airwaves last weekend and the upcoming one speaks to a real sense of “WTF are those guys doing over there?” All that being said….

That Suicide Squad trailer kicks total ass. The film looks great aesthetically and the trailer really hits all the notes for what is certain to be an off-the-wall film. They also do a really nice job showing the characters non-comic book fans have never heard of which means they don’t reveal Jared Leto’s Joker until about halfway through and he’s barely seen after that. See, that’s smart. Give people a taste of what they don’t know, not a first course of what they do know.

I’m admittedly not a Suicide Squad reader so I don’t know much about these characters but it was good to see Will Smith actually in some promo stuff and Mr. Mush Mouth Tom Hardy (I’m sorry, I can’t understand a word the guy says, Bane or not) looks like he’s revamping is amazing Bronson performance and there also appears to be a female version of Pig Pen from the Peanuts cartoon in it. Apparently she’s a witch. The biggest takeaway from the trailer, aside from the fact that it looks like the movie will be a real hoot is Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, an under-the-radar character who is simply beloved by comic fans. This movie is going to be all her and a real break-out role. August can’t get here soon enough!!

Author: Don Lewis

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