Captain America 3: Civil War (Super Bowl Trailer)

I know you’re all settling in for thirds on your buddies bacon nacho wings as the Super Bowl gets going but we here at Flick Nation are going to do you a solid by showing you the big Marvel trailer for Captain America 3: Civil War. That’s it at the top of the page.

While there’s not a lot of new footage in terms of what we’ve already seen, the trailer does serve to show us who the two teams are going to be when heroes collide this May and those teams are…(I’ll include the hashtags as instructed cuz I don’t want any trouble!)… repping #TeamIronMan we have #BlackWidow, #WarMachine, #BlackPanther and #TheVision while on the #TeamCap side it shakes out to be #WinterSoldier, #TheFalcon, #ScarletWitch, #Hawkeye and #AntMan.

If you’re unfamiliar with what the plot of Civil War is basically, Tony Stark (ie; Iron Man) wants heroes to have government regulated oversight as to when to call in The Avengers and Steve Rogers (aka Captain America) thinks heroes should act when needed. Thus two factions form and they duke it out. Trust me, I’ve read the comic series and it’s much more intriguing and exciting than I’m making it sound! Plus Spider-Man is in the film but we’ve yet to see him in any press materials so expect that reveal soon. O.K…now you’re free and clear to run to the bathroom when this spot comes on the TV. You’re welcome.

Author: Don Lewis

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