Everybody Wants Some (Red-Band Trailer)

Back in December we showed you the trailer for Richard Linklater’s new film Everybody Wants Some and it was….eh, it was o.k. The “spiritual companion film” to Dazed and Confused moves the action up a decade to the 1980’s and although as I said back then, Linklater really doesn’t make “bad” films often, that trailer left a little something to be desired. Such as a plot, a sense of characters and an overall angle as to what it was about. Great tone though!

This week a Red-Band trailer (That means not safe for work. You even have to type in how old you are to watch it because no one under 18 would dare just type in “21” or higher) hit the Interwebz in conjunction with the films World Premiere at this years South by Southwest Film Fest (SXSW) where it’s been getting rave reviews. To be fair though, Austin, TX where SXSW is held is basically Linklater Land. Even if the film sucked, no one would dare say so while in “the Blue Dot.”

Still, this Red-Band trailer is very solid. It gives us that same great 1980’s tone (is that an oxymoron?) but gives much more depth as to what the film is about. There’s also swearing, booze and some boobs so, yeah. Much better. Everybody Wants Some hits theaters on April 1 so we don’t have long to wait!

– Don R. Lewis (@ThatDonLewis)

Author: Don Lewis

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