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Five-Star Flick Nation Review from Amazon’s Grady Harp!

Posted by flicknation on September - 17 - 2011

Grady Harp is #3 on’s list of Top 10 Book Reviewers. He also gave the Flick Nation: 2011 Movie Guide five stars! Thanks, Grady! Dennis Willis knows cinema, understands critiquing, has extraordinary insight , and is wonderfully opinionated! This book, FLICK NATION 2011 MOVIE GUIDE, is a must for all those who wish to  [ Read More ]

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By Jean Bartlett The ambient sound in Michael Mann’s “Public Enemies” made film critic (and Pacifican) Dennis Willis feel like he should be dodging bullets. In the sci-fi suspense film “Moon,” directed by Duncan Jones, a man meets his clone on Earth’s only natural satellite and Willis writes in his cliff-hanging review — “the clone  [ Read More ]

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FLICK NATION: 2011 MOVIE GUIDE Cover and Specs

Posted by flicknation on May - 13 - 2011

NOW AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER: FLICK NATION: 2011 MOVIE GUIDE, Dennis Willis’ annual compendium of capsule movie reviews will be released in June and feature 825 current reviews (including nearly 100 direct-to-video releases not covered in other books), Oscar commentary, box office, and rare trivia. Also featuring a one-of-a-kind rating system specially designed for 21st century  [ Read More ]

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