2010 Movie Yearbook

“The work of a genuine movie lover who understands and appreciates the art of cinema.”

-John Stanley, San Francisco Chronicle

“Some movie critics rate a movie with their thumbs. Dennis uses his whole body. You have to pay attention to Mr. Willis.”

-Greg Jarrett, WGN Radio, Chicago

“Marked with better than average tastes, Flick Nation is at once incisive and fun, not to mention smart and easy to navigate.”

-Don R. Lewis, Film Threat

“Very insightful and entertaining with a balanced viewpoint and a genuine voice for today’s media.”

-Rosie Allen, KGO Radio, San Francisco

Flick Nation: 2010 Movie Yearbook is Dennis Willis’ compendium of over 650 capsule movie reviews — including coverage of Avatar, Alice in Wonderland, Clash of the Titans, Shutter Island, Iron Man 2, Shrek Forever After, Robin Hood, Sex and the City 2, Splice and dozens of direct-to-DVD titles not covered in other books.

Willis also provides entertainment industry analysis, with subjects ranging from the explosion of 3D movies, Oscar’s hits and misses, Hollywood’s obsession with rebooting franchises, and Blu-ray’s identity crisis.

The 2ND EDITION is the most current movie book available with coverage of the 2010 summer movie season. Flick Nation is an indispensable viewing guide with attitude! Order yours today! (The Amazon versions will not be signed.)
FLICK NATION is now available as a KINDLE download!

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