Deadpool Teaser Trailer For the Real Trailer

Folks, we are through the rabbit hole in terms of movie advertising. The clip above is a teaser for a trailer. That’s right. It’s an advertisement letting people know they can see the full green band and red band trailers for Marvel’s Deadpool movie tomorrow. While this is sadly not all that new (Superbowl Commercials are teased weeks in advance) it’s also a pretty sad state of affairs in terms of satiating the “we want it now, DADDY!” comic book fan universe. It also seems weird to remind people they can see a trailer tomorrow when, unless there’s some serious last minute editing going on, it could probably be shown today. Whatevs.

That all being said, the trailer is pretty funny and I’m excited to see Deadpool whereas previously, I might have seen it as a means of escape. It looks like they’re going hard-R with the thing and even this teaser trailer has an F-bomb in it. Tune back in to Flick Nation tomorrow for the trailers!

Author: Don Lewis

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