Deadpool- Trailer (Red Band and Green…no, really)

O.K. Flick Nation, Good Morning. Lots to unpack here. First off…here’s the trailers we alluded to the other day in regards to Marvel’s Deadpool. Safe for work version up top, sweary word, not safe for work one below.

Second…both are very solid, funny, violent and cute.

Third (and maybe I should’ve lead off with this) I know next to nothing about the “Deadpool” character even though I’m kinda, sorta, a comic book fan. Much in the way I was aware the Guardians of the Galaxy was a comic book, I’m also aware Deadpool is a popular character in many comic books and he was sorely misrepresented back in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Yet Marvel, ever the fan-servicing corporation, decided to have the guy who originally played him (Ryan Reynolds) back to try and make good for that slant percentage of fans who cared 5 years ago. He even makes fun of the awful Green Lantern movie he starred in! Hah! DC Comics must’ve loved that. Anyway..

Deadpool is coming and I’m pretty o.k. with these trailers. Yes, it looks like a better version of Kick-Ass. Yes, we are all wondering when the mandate came down that TJ Miller is now in every movie and TV show and yes, you’re right that Ryan Reynolds frequently comes off like a cut-rate Jim Carrey. But STILL, I think this will be good. I also like that Marvel is bringing big moves by making a balls-out, violent and adult-ready movie. It’s a good move to entice grown-ups who like violent, inappropriate movies as well as crappy parents who don’t understand the “R” rating. The former should watch the trailer below.

Author: Don Lewis

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